Air Coolers, Coolers, Room Coolers Products : Wim Plast Limited : Touching very facet of life with four decades of values.

It all began in 1982. With a tiny factory for making PVC footwear, Mr. G. D. Rathod made a beginning in manufacturing plastic household goods. From the outset, the founder outlined a vision of uncompromising quality in producing high grade, engineering quality products. This helped make Cello a brand name in several categories in a short span of time. 

1986 A new factory was set up for Cello Thermoware in Goregaon.

Wim Plast Limited, the group, was incorporated on 7th October, 1988, and listed in the year 1994 at the Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd. (BSE).

In the year 1994 the Company set up a manufacturing unit of plastic moulded furniture at Daman. Cello ventured into manufacturing elegant, versatile and durable Plastic Molded Furniture.

Made from special grade plastic and state-of-the-art moulds from Italy, they bring convenience and style to consumers at surprisingly economical prices,

In 1995, Cello started the Cello Writing Division. From the first batch of pens, Cello offered consumers the latest technology like Swiss Tips and German Ink in its clear pens that exploded on the market. Soon it became India’s largest manufacturers of fine quality pens.

Another feather in the cap was the inception of Cello Oral Hygiene Products in the year 1997. Cello marched towards Exports in the year 1990 and won the titles of ‘The Largest Exporter of Insulated Thermoware and Writing Instruments from India’ and the prestigious Plex Council Award as ‘Highest Exporter’.

Turning to innovation in the field of Extrusion Technology, Cello set up processing of Bubble Guard Sheets in 2005-06 with a range of products for interior, advertising, packaging and construction application.

From Thermoware and writing instruments, Cello has spread to many other categories – Kitchen Appliances, Oral Hygiene, Moulded Furniture, Real Estate and last but not the least, Air Coolers, touching almost every facet of our lives.

Presently the Company has manufacturing units at Daman, Baddi and Chennai, Haridwar, Kolkata and also has Depots in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Bihar, Orissa, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh and and Assam have strong consumer base throughout the country.

Today Cello group enjoys a turnover of over Rs. 1800 crore (U$276.92 million).But far from resting on its laurels, it continues to chart newer territories everyday.

With over 3 decades of customer satisfaction, Cello is now ready for Air Coolers.

In 2015, Cello marked another milestone by venturing into Air Cooler manufacturing. It has leveraged its long background in high quality plastics to bring sturdy but lightweight air coolers.  With engineering quality polymer body, Turbo Cool™ power cooling and international design aesthetics, Cello introduces the most superior quality Air Coolers.


Our forefathers planned houses and cities in such a way that dwellers enjoyed natural air conditioning throughout the year. One of the methods they used was using the natural breeze and a thick curtain soaked with moisture. As the breeze blew in from outside, it passed through this thick curtain and the moisture evaporated, cooling the breeze down to a soothing temperature.

Cello Air Coolers have improved the traditional science of evaporative cooling into a cutting edge technology. Engineering quality polymer build and lightweight, powerful blowers and fans with improved cooling pads give you Turbo Cooling that no fan can offer, at low costs which no air conditioner can match.